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Forward Together: Fall Programming For FY24


Finding Our Way Through, Together.     

- From Co-Executive Directors, Risa and Talia

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July 17, 2020 Statement from the Executive Committee

Statement from the A.R.T./New York Executive Committee
July 17, 2020

The A.R.T./New York Executive Committee is in dialogue with We Are A.R.T/New York (a group of current and former employees) and is grateful to them for raising their concerns with us and for sharing what they’ve witnessed. The Executive Director of A.R.T./New York has been placed on administrative leave as we retain outside counsel to conduct an independent investigation. We are specifically seeking a team that includes BIPOC-identifying employment attorneys; and/or to involve a BIPOC advocate in all steps of the process.
The Executive Committee and Board of A.R.T./New York fully support any and all efforts to make A.R.T./New York a better and more inclusive, equitable organization. A.R.T/New York is an evolving organization in an evolving world. We recognize the need to look at not only our current behavior but the organizational behavior that has brought us to this point. We are taking all necessary steps to bring that to fruition in an open, transparent, and collaborative manner and we are ready to get to work.

COVID-19 Health Update: A.R.T/New York Vaccine Policy

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, with the safety of our members, office tenants, stakeholders and our staff in mind; and in compliance with New York City's vaccine mandate for all indoor activities, A.R.T./New York will now require confirmation of vaccination against COVID-19 at all of our locations; Spaces @520, South Oxford Space, and at the A.R.T./New York Theatre’s, effective September 1, 2021.

To that end, all eligible individuals (12 years of age and over) visiting our locations will be asked to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination at the time of their visit; with at least one shot from a vaccine considered effective by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”) and/or the World Health Organization (“WHO”). Proof of vaccination may be provided upon arrival or in advance by completing our secure A.R.T./New York Verification Form. Proof of vaccination includes your vaccination record card (paper or photo) or any digital vaccine card via an app (e.g. NY Excelsior Pass, CLEAR, NYC COVID SAFE, etc.), in addition to your photo ID.

Proof of vaccination will be required for all visitors,  including all rental participants active in our rented studios, theatres, any guests, caregivers, or audience members. Ineligible persons and those claiming a medical exemption will be required to provide exemption documentation and will also be required to wear a mask at all times. 

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Closing our FY21 and Starting FY22 as a Changed Organization.

Closing our FY21 and Starting FY22 as a Changed Organization.

This July, for the first time, the team at A.R.T./New York is embarking on a staff retreat to reflect, revise, and identify processes and priorities to guide our decision-making in FY22.

In July 2020, the We Are A.R.T./New York Coalition published a letter detailing racial injustices taking place at our organization. The staff and board of directors pledged to our members and stakeholders to work together through a transparent and collaborative process to identify and tear out our roots in oppression. The subsequent leadership transition has been one critical piece of a larger, longer, and more holistic process. In its early stages, we have taken vital steps forward, and also necessary, strategic steps back. In constant collaboration with the, We Are A.R.T./New York Coalition (composed of current and former staff) and through the formation of Ethics and Accountability Committees at the Staff and Board levels, A.R.T./New York is examining our internal practices.

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A.R.T./New York Announces New Era Of Leadership.

(May 13, 2022 - New York, NY) The Alliance of Resident Theatres/New York (A.R.T./New York) announced today that Risa Shoup, who began serving as Interim Executive Director in August 2020, has been named to the permanent position of Co-Director in a unanimous vote by the A.R.T./New York Board of Directors. A.R.T./New York also announced the search for a second Co-Director to partner with Shoup on this new shared leadership team. The initial application review is anticipated to begin in June with the goal of hiring a final candidate by late Summer 2022. A full job description is available here
Over the past two years, A.R.T./New York has engaged in an ongoing process of transformation that includes a restructuring of leadership roles. As a result of this process, a collaboration between the staff and board, A.R.T./New York decided that their senior-most, executive leadership staff will be a leadership team of two Co-Directors. This decision is influenced by the historic shared leadership model employed by most theatres, research into how shared leadership models function throughout the non-profit sector, and critical investigation into A.R.T./New York’s own needs. 
On Wednesday June 1, from 12PM-2PM, A.R.T./New York will celebrate this new era of leadership and also honor two visionaries who have made New York’s non-profit theatres more resilient, adaptable and compassionate, Ann James (Intimacy Coordinators of Color) and Nello McDaniel (Arts Action Research). Artists, administrators, audiences and allies alike are welcome to join for this afternoon of conversation and celebration, which will include panels, testimonies, an exclusive premier performance from A.R.T./New York board member, Daphne Rubin-Vega, and space to toast the future of New York theatre. 
The premiere of A.R.T./New York’s new gala will feature more space, lower-priced public tickets, discounted member rates, and flexible programming that allows attendees to enjoy a full meal and a full experience whether they are able to stay for 20 minutes or two hours. 
Single tickets to the Gala begin at $200 for A.R.T./New York members & $500 for the general public. To purchase tickets and for more information, visit
Risa Shoup has over a decade in senior leadership roles with NYC cultural and community development nonprofits. They have a strong track record of working with cross sector partners and funders to inform strategic policy for the equitable growth of accessible and inclusive cultural services in NYC. Most recently, Risa was a Senior Consultant at Karp Strategies with previous tenures at Spaceworks, Fourth Arts Block (where they consulted on CreateNYC, the City’s first cultural plan), the Invisible Dog Art Center and chashama among others. Risa chairs the board of the Invisible Dog Art Center, is the Treasurer of the Board for Naturally Occurring Cultural Districts New York and is a Trustee and Co-Chair of the Planning Committee of the American LGBTQ+ Museum. 
During their time at A.R.T./New York, they have guided major cultural and programmatic changes at the organization, as well as supported significant increases in earned and contributed revenue. They have successfully implemented internal operating procedures to eliminate silos, increase interdepartmental collaboration, and remove barriers to information, leading to greater financial and decision-making transparency. Since Shoup’s hiring in 2020, the institution’s staff has increased by 7 fulltime hires and the membership model has been significantly revamped to include more individual theatre makers as well as a pay-what-you-can dues structure. “I am thrilled to continue working with the staff, board, and members of A.R.T./New York in this new permanent role. I am honored and proud to take part in this new era of leadership, and I look forward to a fruitful and fulfilling collaboration with a Co-Director!” Shoup has said of their promotion to a full-time, permanent, Co-Director role.


The Alliance of Resident Theatres/New York is the arts service organization dedicated to supporting New York City's vibrant and diverse community of nonprofit theatres. Founded in 1972, A.R.T./New York assists over 400 member theatres in managing their theatre companies effectively so they may realize their rich artistic visions and serve their diverse audiences well. Over nearly five decades, A.R.T./New York has earned a reputation as a leader in providing progressive services to our members—from shared office and rehearsal spaces to technical assistance programs for emerging theatres—which have made the organization an expert in the needs of the New York City nonprofit theatre community. A.R.T./New York supports nonprofit theatre companies in New York City by providing four core programs: Funding, Training, Space and Connections. 

2022 COVID-19 Health Update: A.R.T/New York Vaccine Policy

The following COVID-19 Vaccine Policy (the “Policy”) is subject to change at any time based on

changes in City, State, or Federal law; updates to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) or World

Health Organization (WHO) guidelines; or changes in other A.R.T/New York policies. 


PLEASE NOTE: We are electing to continue with our existing mask mandate and vaccine requirements despite current changes to the Key2NYC program. We are working in concert with many of our members to keep these policies in place out of concern for the health and safety of all who would enter our spaces.



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Three Regrant Opportunities For New York Theatres

(October 18, 2021 - New York, NY) The Alliance of Resident Theatres/New York (A.R.T./New York) (Risa Shoup,Interim Executive Director) announced today two regrant opportunities for theatres in New York City (the New York City Small Theatres Fund and the Strengthening NYC Theatres Grant), as well as a regrant for theatres throughout New York State (the NYSCA-A.R.T./New York Creative Opportunity Fund). 

Combined, these grants are some of the only general operating support funding available to small theatres in New York City/New York State. NYSCA is very cognizant of the role that NYC-based theaters play in the local and national theater ecosystem and is focused on ensuring that upstate theaters are aware of and applying for the Creative Opportunity Fund. Their investment in this program is meant to create a statewide impact and ensure that all New York state residents have access to theater in their local community. 

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Community Standards - 2021 Gala Series

Welcome & Intention Setting

Every individual is entitled to feel safe and supported in their community.  When you attend an A.R.T./New York event, you are a part of our community. A.R.T./New York works to ensure that every event is accessible, giving each attendee the ability to engage as much or as little as they wish.  It is our goal to foster a wholly inclusive environment in which each attendee feels taken care of. You are encouraged to honor your personal needs and exit any conversation, room, or venue as you wish and will be welcome upon your return at any time.

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Leon Levy Foundation Awards $250,000 Grant to A.R.T./New York, Creates Covid Relief Fund to Support NYC Small Theatres

Initial Grant Recipients Include 55 New York City Theatres

(January 27, 2021 - New York, NY) The Alliance of Resident Theatres/New York (A.R.T./New York) (Risa Shoup, Interim Executive Director) announced today the creation of the Leon Levy Foundation COVID Relief Fund, initiated with a $250,000 grant to support small New York City theatres in conjunction with A.R.T./New York Relief Fund for NYC Small Theatres.

A.R.T./New York also announced 55 recipients of the first round of the A.R.T./New York Relief Fund for NYC Small Theatres.

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A.R.T./NY Names Risa Shoup Interim Executive Director

A.R.T./NY Names Risa Shoup Interim Executive Director
August 6, 2020

(August 6, 2020 - New York, NY) The Executive Committee and Board of The Alliance of Resident Theatres/New York (A.R.T./New York) has named Risa Shoup Interim Executive Director, effective immediately.

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