Now Playing At The A.R.T./New York Theatres 

The A.R.T./New York Theatres consist of two spaces, the Mezzanine Theatre and the Jeffrey and Paula Gural Theatre, and are home to performances year-round.

Please note that A.R.T./New York does not handle performance ticketing; in this regard, we are a performance venue, and the producing companies all handle ticketing. For questions about ticketing, please visit the producing company's website for each show, listed below. To plan your visit, head to our accessibility page. There you will find directions & information on how to access our spaces.  

To view an archive of the shows that have played at our theatres, visit our Past Shows page.

In the Mezzanine Theatre >>

Pipeline Theatre Company presents House of Telescopes
March 23 - April 21, 2024

Image for House of Telescopes - the show's title is spelled in cutout letters. There is a pink curtain framing a darker pink house. In the attic of the house is a human eye staring at the viewer. There are 3 hands coming in from the sides of the frame, placing objects into the house - they are a trophy, a statue, and a vine of leaves.

Playwright: Kairos Looney
Director: Lyam B. Gabel
Composer: Aya Aziz
Scenic Design: Melpomene Katakalos
Lighting Design: Andre Segar
Sound Design: Travis Joseph Wright
Media Design: Joseph Amodei
Associate Media Design: Nat Nicholas
Props Design: Travis Martinez
Intimacy Director: Khristián Méndez Aguirre
Casting: Bass/Valle Casting
Production Managers: Dylan Parent & Gabriela Gutierrez for 5Ohm
Production Stage Manager: Kyra Bowie
Press Representation: Everyman Agency
Graphic Design: Alan Armendariz

Welcome to Ari’s rickety Minneapolis home, inherited from a possibly gay Aunt. The garage has been remade into Lila’s tattoo studio, and the garden might soon house goats. Upstairs, Fable is casting spells in search of elders, while Sherman sits on the roof considering a new name. Across the country, Daphne’s memories have grown a mind of their own and are currently shambling their way down the interstate in a makeshift physical form. In this house, identity is mutable, the boundaries between our own world and the next are thin, and acceptance can come from the least expected of places – found community, chosen family, ghosts, and even demons.

In the Jeffrey and Paula Gural Theatre  >>

The Drilling Company presents HERSELF
March 29 - April 20, 2024

Image for Herself - a white woman with shoulder length blonde hair sits leaning against a wall. She has a picture of a pint of Guiness behind her, and over her shoulder is a sign that says "OPEN" in a stylized font.


The Drilling Company Theatrical Productions
25 years in NYC!


by Tim McGillicuddy
directed by Hamilton Clancy
part of Origin's 2024 Ist Irish Theatre Festival

Kathleen Simmonds
Natalie Smith
Meg Hennessy
Mary Linehan
Una Clancy
Drew Valins
Patrick Hart
David Marantz
Hamilton Clancy
Skyler Gallun

cast appears courtesy of AEA

scenic design
Rebecca Lord-Surratt

light/sound/video design
Eric Nightengale

Costume Design
Lisa Renee Jordan

Assistant Director
Karla Hendrick

Stage Management
Kiara Ruth Lun

Jonathan Slaff

Production Assistants
Liusaidh Hopper
Jamie Russell

Technical Director
Curtis Howard

Anchored in two Irish institutions: the corner pub and the Catholic Church, it's a darkly comic story of one woman's Galway homecoming to gossip and ghosts of the past after the loss of her brother, one woman confronting loss in all directions and re-building a home for...“herself”. A funny, warm, heartfelt offering of one woman and the new community around her swimming upstream to beat the odds.